They say "In the rolling hills of Mid-Wales, Coco Pzazz is a hive of activity.

Our busy team scour the globe looking for great chocolate, exciting tastes and fabulous artwork. We combine these to bring you the Coco Pzazz range of hand finished and exquisitely flavoured chocolate buttons and bars – that’s what makes us Intrepid Chocolateers.

At Coco Pzazz, we never stand still. Since becoming accidental chocolate makers (that’s another story!) in 2013, our range of giant chocolate buttons and bars has constantly evolved to welcome new flavours and show the door to ones that were either ahead of their time or getting a bit long in the tooth.

We now produce 18-ish flavours of giant chocolate buttons and an expanding selection of chocolate bars. We have a very full “Flavour Ideas” board – so look out for even more choice very soon!"

T.B.D. says "We love the quirky way Coco Pzazz approach making their chocolates, with the great flavour matches and the fact they come in giant buttons they make some of the most fun and delicious chocolates in the UK"